Kate Kissingford, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 

Healing Hearts, Opening Minds

My Philosophy

As an Individual Therapist

I believe that personal transformation is the goal of therapy. Beyond simply learning skills to cope with symptoms and behaviors, I engage clients to go for an "upgrade in well being". Due to my use of the Internal Family Systems model, my experience tells me that we are all capable of accessing a Self-healing process inside of ourselves. We do this by accessing a level of our consciousness that is calm, clear and quite capable. Like the deep, calm ocean beneath roiling seas, this level of consciousness (called The Self) is a profound presence inside us. It needs only to be accessed and guided to heal the parts of us that are struggling with pain and/or compensatory behaviors that no longer serve us. My work is deep and unflinching, yet gentle and compassionate. 

As a Relationship Therapist

So much of the time, the quality of our lives is defined by the quality of our relationships: relationship to self, to other, to the world. Humans are profoundly social creatures. We are in constant dialogue with ourselves, other people, environments and systems.  From the beginning of human life on earth, our survival has depended on the ability to positively engage others. If something in your life is not working as well as you’d like, chances are relationship to self or other has something to do with it.

Despite this, you may have noticed that Relationship 101 was not a course offered to you in school! You had to learn how to connect with others through your earliest and closest human bonds, most often with family. Sometimes those relationships offered a strong foundation for successful navigation in this intensely social world. Other times those essential connections offered conflict and confusion. For better and worse, you bring this social tool kit with you wherever you go. 

I believe that whatever lessons you learned early on, you have the innate capacity to engage in loving, positive, supportive and caring relationships. My job is to help you identify your areas of strength and areas of conflict so that you can cultivate your capacity for healthy relating. I work with individuals, couples and families to help re-write relational “scripts” and cultivate the loving connections we all crave. We work as a team, and I consider myself a caring partner in your self-healing process.