Kate Kissingford, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 

Healing Hearts, Opening Minds

Individual Therapy

Welcome again!  

You have arrived at this page because something in your experience of life is troubling you. You're here because you have the courage it takes to slow down, take stock of what isn't working and begin to bring your attention to self-healing. 

Allow me to describe how I see the healing process and what working with me might be like.

I believe that human beings are beautiful, complex systems of internal and external influences. Contrary to common understanding of the human mind, we are actually multiple selves functioning in one body. These parts of us can be in conflict, creating an inner turmoil that hampers our sense of well-being. Have you ever found yourself saying something like, “well, part of me wants to go back to school and get a degree and part of me just doesn’t feel like I have what it takes”. Sometimes it can feel like there is a whole committee inside our minds, battling out major or even minor decisions! Which parts do we listen to? Add into the mix the presence of significant people in our lives, with all their needs, desires and opinions, and we can end up feeling like a tiny boat tossing about on a huge, roiling ocean.

Our work together consists of calming the seas and steadying your course. I believe that the truth of what you need resides within you. My training allows me to create an environment in which the different parts of you can surface and begin to harmonize. Together we will help you to develop a deep self-respect and self-trust which will bring clarity and hope.

From this place of strength and connectedness, new understanding of your struggles arises and solutions become clear. All along the way, I am there to support your choice-making process, share your losses and sorrows and celebrate your victories.  I consider us a team in your healing process; we work side by side to create the change you are seeking.

Sessions are typically an hour. Please see the Rates page for pricing information.