Kate Kissingford, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 

Healing Hearts, Opening Minds

Family Therapy

Families are living systems. We humans organize ourselves into these groupings in order to have closeness, belonging and support. When this system is working well, its members thrive. When there is a breakdown in the family connection, struggle ensues. It can be intensely frustrating to be in chronic conflict with those we love.

My job is to help families see and experience their relationship in new ways. I help you to identify what works well in your family and why, and to apply those strengths to problem areas. I help family members identify what feels “off” in their relationships and guide them to ask for what they need. I help family members become more available to each other so that all can receive the closeness, belonging and support that we long for. Together we will strive to create a balance of close connection and individual expression for all members of your family.

Sessions are typically 75 min. Please see the Rates page for pricing information.